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Jewelry appraisal is an important but often overlooked responsibility of owners of fine jewelry. An appraisal is a description and market replacement evaluation of your jewelry AND IS commonly used for insurance purposes.

You will receive a complete, professional appraisal report that you can give to your insurance company and keep for your records. Updates are necessary because of market fluctuations in gold and gemstone prices, wear or damage to your jewelry, etc.

Appraisal prices vary depending on the items and quantities being appraised so please call us for a quote.

Each appraisal comes with a detailed description, 2 copies (one for your insurance and one for you to keep), a picture of the piece of jewelry, and a market replacement value.

We are happy to provide you with a free written appraisal for any item purchased at GA Fisher Jewelers. We appraise jewelry purchased elsewhere for a nominal fee.


Nothing is more important than keeping your fine jewelry clean. Walk into GA Fisher Jewelers and walk away with your jewelry sparkling like new! We will inspect your jewelry for any needed repairs and brought back to the original shine of a new piece. Walk in the store today for a complementary cleaning. We recommend this be done at least twice a year. GA Fisher Jewelers is not responsible for the loss of stones due to worn prongs and settings when cleaning.

Wish List

 We offer wish lists for any customer who'd like to register special gifts. Whether you want to make sure friends and family know what you've been hoping for or you'd just like to keep track of your desires personally, we're here to help. Let us keep track of just what she needs for every occasion(or just because).

Gift Wrapping

This additional service is completely free of charge.

Gift Cards

We offer gift cards in any denomination.


We offer free layaway.